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Executive coaching companies are dime a dozen. Like recruitment firms the barriers to entry are limited and almost anyone can call themselves an executive coach.  Extreme caution is needed for the modern executive seeking an executive coach or executive mentor. We need to ask ourselves has this person held a senior role–successfully–in a large corporation or organisation?  Does the prospective executive coaching and consulting 'expert' posess a thorough understanding of modern workplace norms, behaviours and trends?                                                                                                                                                 At Stride Group, all our executive coaches and mentors have come from larger corporations. We understand big organisational dynamics, frustrations, politics, career options and more. Our executive coaching and mentoring consulting Programs chiefly serve two purposes for the executive: to improve current role performance as much as possible by identifying critical goals and a plan to achieve them, then working with you on longer and medium-term career goals.                                                                                                               Your next step is always easier if you identify your greater destination. It’s the role of Stride Group’s executive mentors and coaches to help you identify the longer term destination (and viable alternatives), then make sure your next step is effectively and efficiently taken by you.
We also serve as a private, safe and confidential sounding board for executives in times of intense workplace change, tension, uncertainty or just those occasional ‘down times’. We are your professional friend, sounding board and devil’s advocate all in one.