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Most Executive coaching programs actually fail. They also usually cost a lot of money. There are a lot of ‘practitioners’ of executive mentoring and coaching who don’t really have the credentials they claim, or haven’t really been great people leaders themselves. Or, they are simply are poor teachers and guides.  Sometimes, there may just not be the chemistry between the mentor and ‘mentee’.

Our executive coaches and mentors have held senior positions – successfully – over many years in many different organisations – large and small, business and government.  They say that a path is formed by walking.  Our executive coaches and mentors have walked the path you are probably on right now – or have reached the crossroad you may be now at.

Use our experience, knowledge and perspective – do not ever feel as though you’re going through something that has not been experienced and overcome before.

At Stride Group our executive coaches and mentors are dedicated to improving your current performance as much as possible – through clarifying your ‘non negotiable’ objectives and setting you on a course of achievement and accountability.  We will also focus on longer and medium term options for your career – beyond what you may see right now.

We’re also your private, confidential sounding-board in times of change, stress, conflict – plus the inevitable ‘down times’.  We’re a professional friend, friendly ear and devil’s advocate – all in one…

Stages of Stride Group Executive Coaching Programs

  1. Self Discovery-includes long, mid and short range goal setting for your career, self-analysis questions, skills and values identification, crystallising your ‘Why?’ or Mission.
  2. Tactics and actions to help you on the job now, plus implement viable actions that will lead to your longer term goals
  3. Monitor and Evaluate – what’s changing, whats working – what’s not? What hard-wired habits are proving harder to break? Overcoming any Unconcious Competing Commitments causing Resitance to Change
  4. Close the Loop-If your bigger goals are now reached, what other outcomes could now really stretch and maybe even redefine you?
Executive Coaching Melbourne
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The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.

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