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What Mentoring or Coaching Can Do for You

Entrepreneurs and professionals alike may need some guidance at some point in their careers or ventures. After all, it’s not unusual to feel like a fish out of water when you encounter something unfamiliar either at work or in your business. And in those situations, a little outside perspective or direct guidance may be just…
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What Are the Benefits of Working With a Business Mentor?

Starting and growing a business can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience, especially if you are doing it for the first time. And while you can always search for business advice online or in books, there’s nothing quite like gaining knowledge through mentoring programs for business from a real-life expert to guide you through…
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Characteristics to Look for in a Business Coach

As a business owner or executive, seeking guidance and support in your professional growth can make all the difference. With the right business coach, you can receive personalised insights, actionable advice and accountability to help you reach your goals. However, with so many coaches and business coach programs available, how do you choose the right…
Real Reason Dont Make Positive Changes Life

That Thing You (Don’t) Do

We all have one, or a few. That nagging thing you could or should do that would make a potentially substantial difference to some realm of work or life, but never do. Or maybe you start but lose momentum because it takes you out of you comfort zone and/or gets lost in the myriad of…
Running A Small Big

16 Tips – Running a Small Business From a Home Office

Several of my small business coach clients are start-ups and people with micro home-based businesses.  A common challenge that many of these clients have is maintaining discipline, focus and motivation whilst working from home. It is a particularly challenging issue when a business doesn’t yet have a critical mass of customers to service-the phones aren’t…
Whats Your Income To Servicevalue Ratio

What’s Your Income to Service/Value Ratio?

Income to Service/Value Ratio  As individuals (employees, business owners, executives or whatever) we should be mindful of the level of Value – or service/help we are providing in our role, compared to the income we receive. Similarly with organisations, businesses and distinct teams within teams. We must always ask – are we providing a commensurate…
Its Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself Even After 50

It’s Not Too Late to Reinvent Yourself – Even after 50!

Reinvent Yourself! How are you adapting, and approaching your next reinvention curve? People have to reinvent themselves to fit into the new context of work. After speaking with many Baby Boomers and X’ers who want to reinvent themselves but fear it’s too late, I’ve identified several key points for older workers who hope to make…

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