Business Coach

Your partner in business profit and growth.


Business Coaching In Australia – What is it?

Our one-on-one customised coaching program includes a dedicated business coach who will work with you to review all aspects of your business and then help you create a strategic plan to drive aggressive growth. We will create a personalised program for you as a business owner, which can include the following:

  • Meet with yourself, key stakeholders and members of your leadership team to help devise a plan for growth
  • Review all key business functions such as cash-flow, marketing, business development, IT, HR and operations
  • Align your business objectives and actions with your broader Vision, Mission and Company Values
  • Clarify your long-term vision, exit strategies and succession planning to optimise your financial position in the longer term
  • Identify what’s holding you back (your blind spots) and what is propelling you forward
  • Give you tools and steps to improve the identified blind spots
  • Execute efficiently and with discipline – keeping you accountable to follow the steps we have worked together to identify

One initial conversation with us could lead to the start of a business breakthrough.To speak with a business coach in Melbourne and beyond, contact us today. Headquartered on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne, Stride Group can also provide you with a business coach in Sydney and nationally across Australia.

Business Coaching: Who is it for?

  • For entrepreneurs and business owners of maturing small-to-medium businesses
  • Typically have a turn-over of greater than $1 million

Business Coaching Outcomes

  • Improved confidence and clarity on the future direction of your business and how to grow it
  • Clarity of your business goals, and improved accountability towards achieving outcomes
  • Improved organisational alignment to your business vision and purpose
  • Improved team culture and alignment of your employees activity to company goals
  • Enhanced transparency and discipline on a monthly basis as to how actions are tracking towards broader goals

The Stride Group 5 Step Business Coaching Process

Business coaching meetings typically happen on a monthly basis. Over a number of years we have developed and refined a 5 step process to business success:

  1. Establish coaching agreement
  2. Collect Vital Data & Feedback
  3. Identify Business Coaching objectives.
  4. Implement Action Plan
  5. Deliver post-coaching follow-up.