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Coaching for Business Owners

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We Can Help You With The Challenges Of Running A Successful Business

Starting your own business always seems like a good idea at the time.

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Seldom however does it go to script – the challenges, trials and tribulations of running your own business are far greater than we can know initially. Yet strangely most of us wouldn’t have it any other way! Business owners have to be across everything – especially in the formative years. We’re supposed to be experts on cash-flow, marketing, business development, IT, HR, operations, etc. We work with you on all those things – including building strategies on how and when to outsource the various aspects.

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We’ll Also Help You:

  • Identify opportunities to significantly grow your business

  • Identify opportunities to streamline operations and help manage cash flow

  • Clarify your Vision, Mission and Company Values – aligning your objectives and actions to these.

  • Honestly assess your strengths, plus the blind spots that may be holding you back.

  • Clarify your long-term vision, exit strategies and succession planning that will best optimise your financial position in the longer term.

  • Improve your ‘soft skills’ and emotional intelligence

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Adam Wilson

Owner & Mentor

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Our Business Coaches have been where you are. They have run and sold successful businesses. Why try to work it all out for yourself when you can access the experiences, successes and quite frankly mistakes we have made?

Find out more about our business coaching services here:

Coaching for Business Owners

Stride Group also offers training and facilitation services to help grow the capability of your staff.

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Training & Facilitation Services

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Business Coaching Outcomes

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    Improved confidence and clarity on the future direction of your business and how to grow it

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    Clarity of your business goals, and improved accountability towards achieving outcomes

  • 3

    Improved organisational alignment to your business vision and purpose

  • 4

    Improved team culture and alignment of your employees activity to company goals

  • 5

    Enhanced transparency and discipline on a monthly basis as to how actions are tracking towards broader goals

The Stride Group Difference – Our Experience From Coaching Hundreds Of Business Owners And Executives

Our business coaching programs work because of the experience of our team.  We have a great blend of coaching and consulting staff who have had backgrounds in big business, yet can successfully adapt big business thinking to smaller business realities.  We also have consultants from various successful small and family business backgrounds – who fully understand the challenges of creating, building, running and selling a business.

We have a blend of experienced coaches that will show you how to make your business better than it is today – in operations, financially and in sales and marketing. No matter if you’re just starting out or own a long-established business – we successfully help businesses in all stages of the life-cycle. We will pinpoint the root causes of what is not working – only then can effective solutions be arrived at.

Our Coaches will also partner with you to keep you accountable to the changes that need to be made – we agree on the specific steps and fixes required. We will be brutally honest and dogged – to ensure you and the business do what must be done to ‘stay the path’ and enjoy the success you deserve.

Adam Wilson Small
Adam Wilson

Owner & Mentor

Take your business to the next level

We help people reach their full potential

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