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Characteristics to Look for in a Business Coach

As a business owner or executive, seeking guidance and support in your professional growth can make all the difference. With the right business coach, you can receive personalised insights, actionable advice and accountability to help you reach your goals. However, with so many coaches and business coach programs available, how do you choose the right one for you? Let us explore the key characteristics to look for in a business coach to ensure a successful coaching relationship and help you reach new levels of success.

What Makes a Good Business Coach?

A good business coach can help entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their goals by providing guidance and support. Some key characteristics to look for in a business coach include the following:

Experience and Knowledge

A coach with a background in business and a track record of success can bring valuable insights and perspectives to the table. They should also have a good understanding of various business strategies and models. What has the coach accomplished? Is it also what you want for yourself? If so, then you will learn from their valuable experiences. Ideally, look for someone who has failed and succeeded because their insight will help you avoid costly mistakes and significantly increase your chances of success.

Strong Communication Skills and the Right Attitude

A coach should be able to communicate effectively and clearly, both verbally and in writing. They should also be able to listen actively to understand the needs and goals of the client. Moreover, great coaches can see the big picture clearly and know how to lead you to your desired goal. Ideally, your coach should be patient, encouraging, persistent and determined. After all, their role is to help you get where you want to be, so they must guide and help you break through your limits.

Empathy and Supportiveness

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A good business coach should have empathy and be supportive because these qualities are essential in building trust and rapport with clients. Empathy allows the coach to understand the client’s perspectives, challenges, and feelings, making it easier to identify their needs and find the best solution. Supportiveness means that the coach is always available to help and encourage the client, which can boost the client’s confidence and motivation. With these two qualities, clients can feel comfortable and secure, knowing they have someone they can rely on to help them reach their goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability

A coach with flexibility and adaptability is better equipped to help clients achieve lasting success. As such, the coach you choose should be able to adapt to each client’s unique needs and situations and be open to new ideas and approaches. This means they can adjust their coaching style, methods and approach to match the individual’s learning style, personality and industry. By doing so, they can customise their coaching sessions to help their clients overcome challenges and reach their goals.

Objectivity and Independence

Providing impartial, unbiased advice and support to clients is an important quality that a good business coach must have. This means the coach should not have a vested interest in the outcome of the coaching relationship and should be able to assess a situation while considering all relevant factors objectively.

Objectivity allows the coach to offer a fresh perspective and provide insightful, innovative solutions to business challenges. At the same time, independence helps to ensure that external factors, such as personal relationships or organisational politics, do not influence the coach. Ultimately, having these characteristics allows a business coach to be a trusted advisor and provide the highest level of support and guidance to clients, helping them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.


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Having connections in the business world can provide a coach with valuable resources, insights, and opportunities to share with their clients. Moreover, a good business coach with a strong network can offer their clients access to industry experts, potential partners, and new business prospects. With this, coachees can gain more insight into trends and emerging industries and expand their knowledge, helping them gain a competitive edge in their own business endeavours.

Holds You Accountable

Accountability is an essential part of the coaching process. More specifically, a coach should help you set and achieve your goals by holding you accountable for your actions and decisions. Doing so will help you stay focused and motivated on what you must do to reach your goals. By regularly monitoring your progress, they can help you make the necessary adjustments to keep on track. Additionally, accountability helps to create a sense of accountability and ownership, which drives you to perform better. A coach’s role is not to judge or criticise but to support and encourage you to take ownership of your success.

Why Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Every entrepreneur needs a coach. Why? That’s because the shortcut to learning business is studying under someone who was already been there and done it. Remember, that person has already paid the price of experience. So learning from them will be more than worth your while. Moreover, hiring a business coach can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved strategic thinking: Clarify your goals, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a roadmap to achieve your objectives.
  • Increased accountability: A coach can hold you accountable to your goals and provide a structure and motivation to follow through on your plans.
  • Improved decision-making: They can provide an objective perspective, help you weigh the pros and cons of different options, and offer practical advice to make better decisions.
  • New ideas and insights: A coach can bring fresh perspectives and help you explore new ideas and approaches to solving business challenges.
  • Increased confidence: Learn in a supportive environment. Build your skills and knowledge, and gain confidence in your abilities.
  • Improved time management: Learn how to prioritise tasks, set boundaries, and manage your time more effectively to achieve better results.

Pave Your Way to Success with a Professional Business Coach

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Start your venture the right way and invest in business coaching to get a head start towards achieving your goals. Choose Stride Group, and our coaches will be your partner in reaching your business goals. Get in touch to learn more about our business coaching services in Australia.