Executive Coaching

It is said there has been no more challenging time to be an executive…nor more rewarding.  Are your current rewards commensurate with the challenges you face in your role?

Executive Coaching: Melbourne, Sydney, And Australia – From good to great leaders

Executive Coaching – What is it?

At Stride Group our executive coaches and mentors are dedicated to improving your current performance as much as possible – through clarifying your ‘non negotiable’ objectives and setting you on a course of achievement and accountability. Through a one-on-one personalised coaching program, we work with you to understand your objectives, gather feedback data and then establish a measurable action plan to develop you into a better leader. We will also focus on longer and medium term options for your career – beyond what you may see right now.

Stride Group’s business coaching succeeds because it is a customised, personal experience for the executive who is being coached. Objectives are realistic, implementation is immediate, and feedback is continuous

Executive Coaching – Who is it for?

  • For CEO’s and Managing Directors
  • Senior executives and leaders
  • HR, Learning & Development and Talent Managers who are seeking to build capability in their executive ranks
  • Emerging leaders
  • Female leaders

Executive Coaching Outcomes

  • Clarification of objectives to help you stay on a course of achievement and accountability
  • Identification of ‘blind spot’ areas and actions to overcome them
  • Improved confidence to pursue future promotions and ask for “what you want”
  • Enhanced clarity about medium and long-term career options
  • Improved ability to navigate times of change and stress in your work life

Stride Group Executive Coaching 7 Step process

Stride Group’s executive coaching process involves seven steps. This systematic methodology provides a structured model to measure and evaluate performance coaching results. Besides the structured model, we spend an extensive amount of dedicated time with the coaching participant. This provides the flexibility to adjust and customise the program to meet the specific needs of each participant.

  1. Establish coaching agreement.
  2. Determine key stakeholders.
  3. Collect Assessment Data & Feedback
  4. Identify coaching objectives.
  5. Implement Action Plan.
  6. Provide progressive review and feedback
  7. Deliver post-coaching follow-up.