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Starting your own business always seems like a good idea at the time.  Seldom however does it go to script – the challenges, trials and tribulations of running your own business are far greater than we can know initially. Yet strangely most of us wouldn’t have it any other way!  Business owners have to be across everything – especially in the formative years.  We’re supposed to be experts on cash-flow, marketing, business development, IT, HR, operations, etc.  We work with you on all those things – including building strategies on how and when to outsource the various aspects.

We’ll also help you get serious about your Vision, Mission and Company Values – aligning your objectives and actions to these.  Plus, we’ll help you honestly assess your strengths, plus the blind spots that maybe holding you and your business back.  Finally, we assist you clarifying the long-term vision, working with you on the exit strategies and succession planning that will best optimise your financial position in the longer term.  Yet also make it a worthwhile landscape for the new owners.

Our Business Coaches have been where you are.  They have run and sold successful businesses.  Why try to work it all out for yourself when you can access the experiences, successes and quite frankly mistakes we have made?

Our business mentoring and coaching service isn’t just about the harder skills of getting your Sales & Marketing, Operations and Finance right. It’s also about working on the ‘soft skill’s’ and emotional intelligence of the business owner and other key players.

We’ll work together to build and execute a bespoke program for you and your business, helping you:

  • Identify what’s holding you back (your blind spots) and what is propelling you forward
  • Giving you tools and steps to improve the identified blind spots
  • Execute efficiently and with discipline – keeping you accountable to follow the steps we have worked together to identify

One initial conversation with us could lead to the start of a business breakthrough.

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Leadership Development Melbourne

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The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.

Leadership Development Melbourne

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