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It is said there has been no more challenging time to be an executive…nor more rewarding.  Are your current rewards commensurate with the challenges you face in your role?

True leadership, emotional intelligence and ability to engage amongst executives is generally fair at best. Often, Managers are often promoted due to perceived technical or commercial abilities – not necessarily their emotional intelligence or ability to engage people.

The failure of managers to become better, more engaging leaders costs them, their organisations and their teams dearly. Average leadership causes poor employee engagement, staff turnover and absenteeism – resulting in low performance and huge opportunity costs.

Stride Group Business Coaching are passionate about improving leaders – from CEO level to the aspiring manager. Our Executive Leadership Programs help you clarify possible then probable goals, leverage your core strengths and develop and workable, long-term blueprint for you to work with.

Only personal change on a fundamentally deep level can cause lasting improvement.

You will build better self-awareness, think ‘bigger’ and see that blind spots that have been holding you back – possibly for a very long time.

Whether you (or one of your team) is an experienced CEO or senior manager or have recently been promoted into a leadership position – we have targeted Executive Mentor Programs to improve self-awareness, vision, goal-setting, communication, career prospects and leadership effectiveness. Speak to us today and step into your career with the tools and proficiency to lead your company onto new success.

Alternatively, if you would like to gain clarity on your own career, or develop key aspects of it for self-improvement, learn more about our Career Direction Program and how it can help.

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Leadership Development Melbourne

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The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.

Leadership Development Melbourne

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