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It Is Said There Has Been No More Challenging Time To Be An Executive…Nor More Rewarding. True leadership, emotional intelligence, and the ability to engage are becoming increasingly rare among executives. Often, managers are promoted due to perceived technical or commercial abilities – not necessarily their emotional intelligence or ability to engage people.

Are your current rewards commensurate with the challenges you face in your role?


Who Will Benefit From Our Executive Mentoring?

At Stride Group, we fully prepare executives to face any challenge that comes their way. We do this by providing the best executive mentoring in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

Stride Group works with a range of different clients, helping them expand and grow within their company. Whether we are helping a CEO, a manager, or a junior member of staff to take on more leadership, our team will provide the necessary training they require to grow.

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A wide range of training and facilitation options to develop.

    Who We Work With

    We mentor business owners, executives, and those wanting to boost their careers.

    Stride Group works with professionals on an individual level, as well as engaging with HR departments, Talent Management teams, and Learning and development experts within an organisation.

    Our Executive Mentoring Programs are designed for:


    Managing Directors




    Senior Level Executives


    Junior Staff Members


    Emerging Business Leaders


    Female Business Leaders

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    Executive Mentoring Outcomes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne

    Here is some of what you can expect when you choose Stride Group for executive mentoring:

    • A greater understanding of your objectives within an organisation
    • Systems of accountability that help you stay on a course of achievement
    • Greater knowledge of your leadership “blind spots” and how to combat them

    Skills that allow you to navigate change and stress in an executive position


    Stride Group’s 7 Step Executive Mentoring Process Is As Follows:

    Stride Group’s executive mentoring process involves establishing a long-term professional relationship with the participant. Our 7-step process will be flexible and customised to suit your needs, your position, and your future goals. Stride Group’s mentors will constantly evaluate and measure both your performance and our own in order to develop and refine your long-term leadership blueprint.

    • Create a Coaching Agreement Alongside You
    • Identify Important Stakeholders
    • Collect Assessment Data and Feedback
    • Identify Mentoring Objectives
    • Identify an Action Plan
    • Provide Progressive Review and Feedback
    • Deliver Post-Mentoring Follow-Up.

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    The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.


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    Adam Wilson

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    We help people reach their full potential