HR, L&D and Talent Management Leaders

We can help grow the capabilities of your staff

The expectations placed on executives and leaders within your organisation have never been greater.  Leaders are expected to perform at a consistently high level, developing both their ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills and leading their team through times of change and conflict.

Stride Group can help to:

  • Develop staff already in senior leadership roles to improve their capability
  • Develop new and emerging talent within your organisation, to help create the next wave of leaders
  • Develop the capability of female leaders
  • Enhance specific skill areas with your staff through our extensive training & facilitation programs
  • Improve the confidence of your executive team

Find out more about the services we offer for executives, emerging leaders and employees:

The Stride Group Difference – Our experience from coaching hundreds of executives

Our executive and career coaching programs work due to the extensive experience of our team. Why work with Stride to help improve the skills of your executives and leaders?

ADAM WAS VERY GOOD AT HELPING ME DEVELOP A PLAN OF ATTACK FOR MY CAREER. The outcome of my career mentoring with Adam was clarity of purpose and the achievement of the objectives that we developed together. This resulted in me making a move that has been sound on both a professional and personal level.