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The real winners are those who are generally happy,content and free from constant stress, enjoying real harmony and equilibrium across all the facets of their lives – not just one or two.”

Many of us know what we need to do most of the time, in most areas of our lives – yet we so often fail to do those very things that we know will make us happier.  Why is that?

The human mind is incredibly complex.  Unfortunately that complexity clouds and distracts us from what are often simple solutions to complex questions.

We’ll assist you to find clarity and equilibrium in all areas of life.  We’ll align your path to the solutions you seek, not the problems you have now.

The tools that Stride Group utilise to assist those planning their career have also been adapted to help people in everyday life. Our experienced Life Coaches will help you see the various option across all aspects of life. They’ll help you implement life goals that seamlessly and harmoniously integrate the various (formerly competing) aspects of your life.

It is a Life Plan that you can take with you and apply, alter and adapt for the rest of your life.

Being happy and having lasting contentment in life generally derives from a holistic approach.

  • Helping you identify and align your life goals (including family, relationships, finance and wellness) to your core values, then setting you on the right path towards achievement
  • Identifying the root causes of what isn’t working in your life.
  • Life goals are more about ‘feelings’ than achievement of goals per se.
  • What are the subconscious feelings you want by achieving certain goals?  Maybe there’s alternatives goals that can bring the sames feelings and satisfaction?

Are you ready to get serious about doing the things you know deep down you need to do in life, or want to elevate your sights to greater possibilities?




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The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.

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