Lose Your Illusion

Lose Your Illusion

All of us are deluded in some way – in life, work, business, career or relationships.  Some delusions and illusions are harmless enough.  Some though can be debilitating and may permanently prevent us from reaching our true potential.
As a business coach and executive mentor, some common delusions and illusions I see regularly (and may have been guilty of myself!) include:

– Executives and Managers – believe they are better leaders than they really are; believe they are better engaged with their staff.  Not as good at motivating employees as they think

– Employees-thinking the boss/organisation cares about their career (sorry nine times out of ten the boss is  too busy and worried about their own hassles and agendas, let alone your career and that of other staff)

– Business Owners- head in the sand when it comes to sluggish or slowly declining revenues.  Not open to what the competition is doing and/or how the market is changing around them.  Prompted to act often when it is too late and the damage is done

– Executives and Business Owners- deluded about time management.  Thinking they cannot possibly delegate certain tasks, not bothering to be accountable for their own productivity and quality of output- even when (usually) they know deep down they need to change key aspects of how they manage time.

The problem with going to work carrying these delusions and illusions is that we are avoiding (consciously or unconsciously) critical opportunities to bring about positive changes in our work and business (or general life for that matter).  Delusions and illusions prevent us from seeing (and feeling) the true nature of things.  If we don’t see the true nature of things (as ugly and painful as that may sometimes be) we will never take the necessary steps to be better than we are now.