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Let us help you improve the performance of work groups as well as individuals. Stride Group can partner with you to help defined work groups or individuals change poor habits and workplace behaviours.  The key to successful performance management coaching and mentoring is not just the tangible differences in short-term beahviour, but lasting change.
Our Performance Management programs are as focussed on lasting, embedded changes in perfromance as they are with short-term behavioural fixes. What use is short-term improvement that doesn’t last?
We look at two critical factors that determine performance-skills and experience versus attitude. We help you rate each employee in matrices that determine their Performance Score and their Attitude Score, then we prescribe tailored fixes to these unique employee needs.
This includes working with staff who may need to be micromanaged- perhaps they’re already on formal warnings. We identify if poorer performance is caused by a lack of discipline, flagging motivation and engagement, or deficiences in ability and skill.  Once we know the root cause-we can work with the individuals, HR and the line managers to put an appropriate solution in place. With timelines, outcomes and consequences fully articulated.
If it is decided that the employee is to leave, we can also help that employee to transition to their next career step.  We’ll help them with career advice, planning, CV, interviewing skills, self-awareness exercises and tips on how to network for their next role.
To reiterate, in all of our performance management mentoring and consulting, we are highly conscious of the importance of how sustainable any positive changes in poor performers may be. 
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The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne survey found that a shocking 75% of all employees report that Australian workplaces need better managers.

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