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Our large enterprise and small business mentoring service covers fundamental areas of success that can be applied to any size and any type of business.

When Do You Need A Business Mentor?

Whether you’re laying the groundwork for a new business or aiming to grow an established one, our business mentor program is an ideal resource. A business mentor provides advice, support, and guidance, enhancing your problem-solving and leadership skills.

Stride Group’s business mentor programs cater to clients in Melbourne, offering insights and advice that pave the path to success. Our mentors provide easy access to strategic tools to overcome challenges and drive growth.

It’s important to note that business demands differ from career or personal demands. To understand the distinctions, we encourage you to reach out for a free 1-hour consultation. Let us help you find the right mentor that your needs call for.

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Business Coaching vs Business Mentoring Service: Drawing Distinction

Understanding the difference between a business coach and a business mentor can help you decide which professional is best suited for your business needs. Here’s a comparative analysis based on six key factors.

Role and Approach

A business coach focuses on specific tasks and objectives, providing guidance to achieve short-term goals. On the other hand, a business mentor takes a holistic approach, nurturing your overall professional development.


The focus of a business coach is primarily on business performance and processes. In contrast, a business mentor focuses on personal growth and long-term career progression.

Time Frame

Coaching is often a shorter-term engagement, concentrating on immediate challenges. Mentoring, however, is a long-term relationship, providing sustained support and guidance over time.


Coaching tends to be more structured, with predefined goals and timelines. Mentoring is typically more flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of the mentee.


While both coaches and mentors bring their expertise to the table, a coach specialises in specific areas or skills. A mentor, on the other hand, offers broad-based wisdom and experience.

Outcome Orientation

Coaching is outcome-oriented, focusing on achieving specific results. Mentoring emphasises personal development, with outcomes often being more intangible and long-term.

At Stride Group, we offer a comprehensive business mentoring service that caters to both small businesses and larger corporations. Schedule a free 1-hr consultation to see which professional fits your business needs best.

Boost Your Growth With Our Small Business Mentoring Service

Scaling is a critical step in the growth journey of any small business. It involves strategically expanding your operations to accommodate increased demand while maintaining or improving efficiency and profitability. However, scaling can also present challenges that require expert insights to navigate.

That’s where our small business mentoring service comes in. We at Stride Group understand the intricacies of scaling a business. Our mentors provide guidance to help you identify when and how to scale, ensuring you’re making decisions that support sustainable growth.

Whether it’s refining your business model, improving operational processes, or exploring new markets, our mentors can guide you through these complexities. They’ll help you leverage your strengths, address weaknesses, and seize opportunities, all while mitigating risks.

In essence, our mentoring service equips you with the knowledge and strategies necessary for successful scaling. Ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule your free 1-hr consultation today!

Is Stride Group The Best Choice For A Business Mentor In Melbourne?

Stride Group’s business mentor program is a powerful resource for business owners. Our mentors, armed with a wealth of corporate success and experience, are adept at guiding you away from common mistakes and towards your potential. We take pride in fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can surpass their own expectations because they have someone who believes in their capabilities. With their hard-earned wisdom and guidance, our mentors are committed to sharing insights that drive success. Recognised as an industry leader across Australia, Stride Group stands as a testament to the transformative power of effective mentorship.

Business owners are constantly exposed to advice, and your mentor can assist you in deciding which advice to follow and which advice to ignore. Working impartially, a business mentor can provide insights on matters that your closest personal advisers – such as family and friends – may not be equipped to assist with.

We will take the situations and problems you are dealing with and approach them from angles that you may not have considered. With our experiences and acquired skills, we see differently compared to someone who is only starting or in their own business bubble. We can provide you with a fresher and clearer perspective.

Our business mentors are not only concerned about the growth of your business – they are focused on your growth. We will help you develop your leadership and business skills. We will identify your weaknesses and work along the journey with you in turning that weakness into greatness.

We can share a range of strategies and systems that will be useful for you in your business life. We’ll help you create a more positive workplace that improves morale and results!

When you are faced with tough business propositions, you can always act with confidence. Take your next step in the knowledge that your business mentor can guide and assist you at a moment’s notice.

Starting and running your own operation comes with its fair share of difficulties, especially in the early years of business ownership. However, the struggles you have almost certainly tackled before, and an experienced mentor can help you understand and overcome these struggles.

Let our years of experience, skills, insights, and ideas help you grow your business and develop you as a leader. Let us work towards accelerating your business. Work with us and see why we are the best business mentors in Melbourne, Sydney, and throughout Australia.


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Adam Wilson

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