The Overcome Overwhelm Executive Coaching Program for Senior Executives and Business Owners in Melbourne

We help Melbourne’s stressed senior executives and business owners overcome overwhelm, avoid burnout and focus on their core priorities.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Struggling with Priorities Management?

Discover how our tailored executive coaching can help you manage stress, prioritise effectively, and achieve your business goals.

A common concern we hear from stressed senior executives and business owners across Melbourne is:

‘I am overwhelmed, at risk of burnout and failing to manage my key priorities.’

Our Overcome Overwhelm Executive Coaching Program is designed to bring about lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of your overwhelm and providing practical tools for sustainable success.

Signs of Distress, Overwhelm and Burnout

Experiencing distress (i.e. ‘bad stress’), overwhelm, and burnout can manifest in many ways:

  • Failure to achieve your core role/goals and KPIs, or achieving them at the cost of great stress and time (what we call ‘stressed achievement’)
  • Lack of focus
  • Not realising your business or organisational mission
  • Failing to develop your key people
  • Career plateau
  • Working long, inefficient hours
  • Scatteredness that crosses over into your home and personal life

Distress, burnout, frustration, tension, resentment and regret are the results of an inability to overcome overwhelm and manage your priorities. You can break free from the cycle of overwhelm and unlock your full potential.

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    Why Choose Our Overcoming Overwhelm Executive Coaching Program?

    • Expertise in Executive Coaching: Our coaches specialize in working with senior executives and business owners.
    • Melobourne-Based: Convieniently located to serve the Melbourne business community.
    • Proven Strategies: Learn effective time and priorities management techniques to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.

    Time is the most precious asset anyone has. When executives, business owners and up-and-coming talent don’t have enough time to do everything they want or need to do, they start to feel overwhelmed. Our executive coaching can help you regain control and spend your time in the most productive and strategic way.

    Our Program isn’t just a generic ‘one size fits all’ time management course… It’s an integrated approach addressing the root causes of your overwhelm. From identifying core values to designing personalised ideal workdays, the Overcoming Overwhelm Program equips you with the tools to succeed. With ongoing support and follow-up sessions, we ensure your positive changes during the Executive Coaching Program are sustained over time.

    How We Can Help

    Stride Group’s Overcoming Overwhelm Executive Coaching Program is a transformative coaching experience that empowers you to thrive professionally and personally.

    Program Highlights:

    • Creating a stronger sense of purpose by aligning your work with your strategic imperatives and core values.
    • Evaluation of your use of time to pinpoint time drains and productivity leaks.
    • Crafting a blueprint for the ideal workday or workweek.
    • Transforming plans into action to bring about tangible results, allowing you to reach your goals.
    • A post-coaching check-in (and ongoing support) to help ensure you remain on track.

    Our Overcome Overwhelm Executive Coaching Program has helped hundreds of executives and business owners overcome overwhelm, avoid burnout, and get back to focusing on the things that truly matter. The results of our Overcoming Overwhelm executive coaching and business coaching can be truly profound. We have witnessed executives and business owners complete our executive coaching programs and regain control of their lives.

    Our clients now have more time to be with family, enjoy a personal life, focus on what really matters in work and life and embed ways to avoid burning out.

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    Break free from the cycle of overwhelm and unlock your full potential.

    What to expect from our accelerated high-performance coaching program

    Stride Group’s accelerated performance coaching program offers personalised guidance, targeted strategies, and focused sessions to propel you towards your goals at a much faster pace. Here’s what to expect when you sign up for this program:


    Detailed Psychometric Assessment

    Gain deep insights into your behavioural patterns, stress responses, and increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This assessment provides invaluable guidance for balancing and developing yourself, focusing on workplace-related behaviours and providing graphical representations of your tendencies in each area.


    Comprehensive Time Logs

    Complete a thorough time log for all your work activities over a two-week period. This exercise allows us to analyse and understand how you currently spend your time, identifying areas for optimisation and improvement.


    Personal Effectiveness Dashboard

    Clarify your career goals, highest priorities, projects, skills, and values through our personal effectiveness dashboard. We consider the key insights obtained from the psychometric assessment to enhance your self-awareness further and align your actions with your aspirations.


    Time Audits

    We conduct time audits to assess how effectively you allocate your time, distinguishing between tasks critical to your role and those that could be delegated or eliminated altogether. This analysis helps optimise your time management and prioritise tasks that truly drive your success.


    Creating Your Ideal Work Week

    Building upon the previous steps, we assist you in designing your ideal work week or day. By considering your personal effectiveness dashboard and time audit findings, we collaboratively create a structured plan that maximises productivity and fulfilment. Our guidance and support ensure that you are equipped to implement and achieve your ideal work week.

    Additionally, our program includes three sessions with a Stride Group coach, unlimited email support between sessions, full access to Self Management, Career, and Leadership Modules, and a 5% discount on future coaching with Stride Group. Sign up for this program today and get a prelude of what our full coaching program can do for you beyond achieving quick results.

    Effective Performance Coaching Outcomes for All Clients

    Through three intensive coaching sessions in our accelerated performance coaching program, you can expect a range of positive outcomes that will enhance your personal and professional growth.

    • Deep insights into behavioural patterns, identifying strengths and areas for improvement
    • Strategies and techniques to overcome stressful situations and enhance resilience
    • Improvement in Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and interpersonal skills
    • Clear goal-setting and action planning for achieving desired outcomes
    • Enhanced performance, productivity, and success in personal and professional endeavours
    • Transformation and growth in key areas of life through an intensive three-session coaching program

    Throughout the program, our coaches will provide personalised support, guidance, and feedback to ensure your coaching experience is impactful and transformative. By engaging in this intensive three-session program, you will gain a better sense of how to unlock your full potential, gain valuable skills, and set yourself up for continued growth and success in all areas of your life. Book a free consultation today!


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