The Case For Setting A Massive Goal

The Case For Setting a Massive Goal

I spend a lot of time with Clients that I mentor helping them identify and measure goals. Whether the goals are business, career or personal we normally follow the tried and true ‘SMART’ acronym, i.e. we make sure the goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Written and Time-bound. Clearly, a goal that is ‘SMART’ is more likely to be achieved and can of course be measured.

However, every now and again there comes a time when mentoring a Client where it just makes sense to throw caution to the wind – and help them come up with a crazy, massive (and quite frankly) scary goal. A goal that if achieved would make a quantum-leap and probably permanent positive difference to their business, , career, finances or life. One that exhilarates, illuminates and scares the hell out of them all at once. This type of goal may not be for everyone and dare I say that the more level-headed, sensible folks best stick to the ‘SMART’ goal method. Indeed, a crazy, big goal is the antithesis of the ‘Achievable’ part of the SMART acronym.

Thankfully, some Clients are wired just a bit differently and get enormously fired up by setting and chasing a huge, huge goal – a goal so big and seemingly impossible based on their current ‘reality’. A goal that is so daunting that the Client takes it on as an ultimate personal challenge, to be doggedly pursued to the end. I’ve always been a believer that our greatest achievements come more via raw motivation than discipline – besides being motivated to achieve something is much more fun than doing it just because one is disciplined or has a ‘sense of duty’. I’m also a big believer that we are generally capable of far, far more than we think we are – we get lulled by our paradigms, comfort zone, the little voice inside us and the big voices of others.

What massive, crazy goals do is completely shift the paradigm that we live in. It rearranges our priorities, sharpens (if not completely overhauls) poor time management and its attendant sibling procrastination – by forcing one to do away with all actions and thoughts that don’t serve the achievement of the goal. There’s no time to waste on idle rubbish or ineffectual strategies and actions. Big goals can create massive, sustainable and permanent changes in our daily habits that have long-term positive effects. Further-the achievement or near-achievement of a massive goal generally complements all the smaller goals we may have in our life, making them automatically achieved or just plain mediocre and redundant.

Can you think of a goal so huge and preposterous (yet maybe just somehow possible), that if you were to achieve it would make a hugely positive difference in your business, career, finances or life – or all of these things? How would it feel if you achieved it? How would it contribute positively to your life or your other other goals?

If you believe deep down that just somehow, some way that crazy, big goal may just be possible, it can motivate you beyond your wildest dreams. As the old saying goes, if you aim for the moon you may miss, but hit a star.